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Q&A - general questions at Shiatsu

Voor studenten is een uitgebreidere vraagbaak te vinden op het studentenportaal.

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  • • Can I bring somebody with me to the Open Day?
    Yes sure, you can take somebody with you to the open day or guest day and you do not need to register that person.

    S/he will be able to attend the lecture about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as a demonstration of acupuncture, TuiNna massage or Shiatsu.

  • • What is the study load, how many hours do I have to study?
    How demanding your study is depends on different factors. From our experience, young students (about 20 years old) have an easier time than older ones (older than 45). Another factor is whether you have recently been studying. Additionally, the previous education plays a role. With a university or other higher vocational education, the number of hours of study will be lower than without this background.
    Generally speaking you must count on 3 to 4 times the number of class hours to study by yourself. That means that between two days of lessons you need about 20 hours.
    Some students manage with considerably less and others need more time.

    A Chinese proverb says: "Het is the adverse wind that makes the kite rise"

  • • How do I register as a beginning student?
    You can apply in two ways:
    - With the application form from the brochure that can be requested via "Brochure bestellen"
    - With the application form that can be downloaded (choose "inschrijven").
  • • What are the addresses of the class locations and where can I find route descriptions?
    You will find the addresses of the various locations below. Clear route descriptions can be found on their respective websites or with a route planner.

    - Amersfoort, Berghotel, Utrechtseweg 225 www.berghotel.nl
    - Breda, Hotel Apollo, Stationsplein 14, www.mercure.nl
    - Nijmegen (Wednesdays), Landgeod Holthurnse Hof, Zevenheuvelenweg 48A, Berg en Dal, or
    - Nijmegen (Fridays), parkhotel Val Monte, Oude Holleweg 5 te Berg en Dal (nabij Nijmegen)
    - Amsterdam, Park Plaza, Melbournestraat 1, Lijnden / Amsterdam

  • • What are the conditions for admission for the Shiatsu training?
    No specific previous education is required for the Shiatsu training. What is important is a strong motivation and enough time for studying and practicing.
  • • At what time are the classes?
    In general classes take place between 12:00 and 18:00. These times apply to the regular classes, extra trainings and conferences.
    There are several reasons for this: it gives students with long travelling time the chance to be on time and traffic jams can be avoided. The breaks are short to make the most of the school day.
  • • Can I order the books that I need through the school?
    No, the school does not deal with books and other materials. At the bottom of the list with required literature you can find some suggestions where to order.
    The school does not deal with books to avoid mixing commercial and educational interests. We believe that each educational section must be completely free to choose the best books from a pedagogical perspective, without having to take into account factors such as which ones are still in stocks, etc.
  • • Is there a Dutch translation of the book "Foundations of Chinese Medicine"?
    Yes, the book is translated and is published by SATAS in Brussels (www.satas.com). The Dutch translation is completely faithful to the English and the books can therefore be used at the same time or separately. Do pay attention to which edition is indicated in the literature list!
  • • I have studied TCM elsewhere, can I skip the Basic Vocational Training?
    In general we advise against missing the Basic Vocational Training (1st year at the Academy), even for students who already have acquired some knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    But in certain cases people can get an exemption for the Basic Vocational Training. For example if you have done an equivalent course in or outside of the Netherlands.
    In any case the exam for the Basic Vocational Training has to be taken. If passed successfully, an exemption can be obtained.
    You can apply for exemption by mail, possibly after having discussed it on the phone.

  • • Can I get an exemption for the Basics of Western Medicine course?
    The course Basics of Western Medicine is normally required to become a member of the various professional associations (such as for example Zhong, VNT and NWP). However, each association has its own policies and it is therefore for each one to decide who can get exemption.
    So, if you want to know if you can get the exemption you need to contact the professional association.
    Qing-Bai Academy only gives the Basics of Western Medicine diploma when both the exams have been passed and at least 80% of the classes were attended. In case a student skips a module s/he cannot get the diploma. S/he will however get an overview of the study results that s/he can submit to the professional association.
  • • Is it possible to follow-up the Shiatsu training with, for example, Acupuncture in Qing-Bai?
    Yes it is. When you have completed Shiatsu 3, you can take the end exam of the Basic Vocational Training (BVT). You only have to take this exam, you get an exemption for the BVT-portfolio. You do not need to have attended the classes of the BVT.
    If you get a 6 or higher for this June exam of the BVT, you can then directly start one of the professional trainings.
    Should you want to take this exam, contact the secretary's office. We can then register you as an extramural student and make sure that you can get the class material.
  • • Who works at the secretary\'s office?
    Working within the organization are Isabel Bomers, Kim van Dijk, Maria van Dorp, Hans Frencken, Geert-Jan Gerritsen, Roel Peeters and Karin de Vries.
  • • How can I find a therapist close to where I live?
    When our students graduate and start their own practice, they generally become members of a professional association. You can get information about practicing therapists from these associations. Often simply from their websites, for example: www.zhong.nl, www.acupunctuur.nl, www.vnt-online.nl.
  • • Are alternative health treatments covered by insurances?
    This depends on the type of insurance the client has. Each insurance company has its own products and policies. Therefore the client always has to check if, which and to what extent alternative therapy is covered by his/her insurance.
  • • Wat is the difference between TCM and TCG?
    There is no difference.
    TCM is the abbreviation of the internationally used term Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    TCG is the Dutch version, Traditioneel Chinese Geneeskunde.
  • • There is a mistake in the website. Can I notify you?
    Yes, please send us a message immediately.
    Due to the large amount of data on the different websites it can unfortunately happen that a mistake has been overlooked or some information has not been properly updated. Should you find something, we will be very grateful if you let us know. Doing so will also help those reading after you.

    Please try and be as clear and specific as possible about what is wrong and where so that we can correct it easily. There are A LOT of pages on our websites.

    For that you can use the Print Screen key on the keyboard of your computer. It takes a snapshot of the current screen which you can then simply paste in an empty Word or PDF document. You can write your comment underneath it and mail it to us as attachment.
    Thank you for your effort!!!

  • • Accessibility of the secretary\'s office.
    The secretary's office can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday, in the morning, from 09:00 until 12:30.
    Here is a tip for if you want to leave a message on the voicemail: as soon as you hear the recorded message, press # on your phone, you hear the beep and you can leave your message immediately.
    We will get back to you if you leave a message.
    Of course you can also contact us by e-mail: info@qingbai.nl.
    We recommend that you only ask by mail simple questions. For example: "Is the workshop scheduled for Friday cancelled?" can easily be answered with a Yes or a No. But the answer to a question like "What is the workshop about and do you think I can benefit from it?" is not as straightforward. In this case it would be better to call so that we can discuss and answer the question according to your specific situation.
    There is generally somebody from the secretary's office present on class days, at least at the beginning and at the end of the day.
  • • 48. What is meant by \"recommended\" and \"mandatory\" reading?
    "Mandatory" is really necessary. "Recommended" is useful but certainly not yet needed for the first class. You can then also discuss with the teachers how important these books can be for you specifically.
  • • If I can have the portfolio signed later, when is that?
    It can be that for some reason you are unable to have your portfolio ready on time. For example, you were sick during your last internal apprenticeship day, or the therapist with who you were supposed to do your external apprenticeship has cancelled.
    If your portfolio is not complete on the exam day, it cannot be signed. You can then ask that the signing be postponed. But be aware that you can only ask such an extension once per training!
    If you get an extension, you will be informed of the new date by which we are expecting you to have the portfolio signed.
  • • I have missed a class, how can I catch up?
    If you have been unable to attend a class, you can generally make up for it by attending a class in parallel group. You have to inform the secretary's office of your intention to do so beforehand. In principle, this is allowed four times per year.
    If you are not able to catch up the lesson with another group, it is wise to seriously keep an eye on the Study Board.
    Teachers must put the arrangements made with the group during the class and the assignments that were given on the Study Board afterwards so that nobody can miss out.
    It is even agreed that arrangements that are not posted on the Study Board are not valid.
  • • Do I have to be part of a study group?
    It is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended. This way you get the opportunity to meet other students from other classes. There are many parallel classes and you might meet students who live near you.
    It is imperative to participate in a study/practice group when you attend courses like Acupuncture or Tuina, which have a strong emphasis on practical experience.
  • • What reading material is recommended? Is there a reading list?
    The reading lists can be found on the Study Board and on www.qing-bai.nl. The study year indicated for each section tells you when it was last updated.
  • • I am not fluent in the Dutch language.
    For the time being examinations are availble in Dutch only. But you are allowed to answer questions in English!
    If you have problems with the Dutch language, please contact the secretary's office. They will decide if you will be allowed to use a dictionary (an electronic dictionary is not accepted!).
  • • When and how do I receive the results of my examination?
    We strive to have the results published within 10 days after the examinations. For example: if the examination took place on Saturday, the results are at last published the second Tuesday after this day. The results will be published on the Studyboard (Dutch: Studiebord)on the tab Informatie.
    All examination results are published similtaneously on the Studyboard, so every class or group receives the results at the same time.
  • • Do I receive the results also on paper?
    Yes, you receive a summary of all the results, called the Study Results Form (Dutch: Studieresultatenformulier) at the end of the year when the re-examinations are finished.
  • • How long is an examination score valid?
    An examination score is valid for one year. So it is possible to interrupt your education for one year. If the interruption lasts longer than one year, you have to rewrite your examinations. You can request in order for us to make an exception. Generally an exception will be made if the education didn't change much during this time.
  • • What are the payment requirements for the Shiatsu Massage Institute?
    Click here to view the payment requirements.
  • • Do I get a discount if I do two educations at the same time?
    No, unfortunately no discounts are given when studying two educations at the same time.

  • • How much do I pay if I have to repeat a year?
    If you repeat a year or a module you receive a 40% discount.
  • • Does the course fee include Value Added Tax (V.A.T.)?
    No, professional educations are exempt from V.A.T. Therefore the course fee as printed on the invoice is the total amount due.
  • • Which professional associations can I join?
    - Dutch association for Traditional Chinese Medicine Zhong (Dutch: Nederlandse vereniging voor Traditioneel Chinese Geneeskunde Zhong)
    - Dutch Association for Acupuncture (Dutch: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Acupunctuur NVA)
    - Association for Natural Medical Therapists (Dutch: Vereniging voor Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten VNT)
    - Dutch Association of Practitioners (Dutch: De Nederlandse Werkgroep van Praktizijns NWP).
    Every professional association has its own requirements.
    The association NVA has recognized the Qing-Bai education but has some specific requirements concerning preliminary training and allows a.o. physiotherapists (and certain related professions) to join their association.
    The association Zhong has recognized the Qing-Bai education and allows Qing-Bai graduates to join. The Qing-Bai Western Medical Basic Training is recognized by Zhong as a Higher Vocational Education.
    The association VNT has a selection committee and generally allows Qing-Bai graduates to join. The Qing-Bai Western Medical Basic Training is recognized by VNT as a Higher Vocational Education.
    The association NWP has a selection committee and generally allows Qing-Bai graduates to join.
    We advise you to contact the professional association yourself for information.
  • • Are the refresher courses recognized by the professional association of which I am a member?
    On the refresher course website (www.tcmbijscholing.nl and www.shiatsubijscholing.nl) it is usually mentioned which professional association recognizes the specific refresher course. If your professional association is not mentioned please contact your association.
  • • Do I have to prepare for a refresher course?
    In general it is advisable to prepare for a refresher course. If specific preparation is necessary it will be mentioned when we publish the refresher course at www.tcmbijscholing.nl. If there are any specific documents necessary, you can download them by visiting this website.
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